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Reach African-American families
who value heritage, education and healthy living

"When Business is Good, It Pays to Advertise.
When Business is Bad, You've Got to Advertise."

Kiswahili for Emerald, The Zumaradi 60 Day Sponsorship includes the following promotions for only $299.95:

(1) 125x160 Banner Ad placed in (1)Quarterly issue of FUNgasa, a $75 value

(1) 125x125 Banner Ad on African-American Unschooling's “Home” page a $160 value

(1) 468x60 Banner Ad on African-American Unschooling's “Special Offers” page a $130 value  -- This banner must link to a free or discount item/service available at your web site.

(1) 50 Word Text Ad in (3) Monthly AfAmUnschool E-mail News Blasts a $120 value. Ad will describe your products and advertise your donation of a $40+ (retail value) prize to be given away in a special drawing at the end of your 60 day sponsorship (see sample below).

The sponsoring business will be notified of the name and mailing address of the prize winner and is responsible for mailing the prize directly to the recipient within 10 business days. The final ad will run after your sponsorship is completed, naming the prize winner, their prize and a hyperlink to your web site.

Priced individually, these promotions add up to $485, but is available as a package for the value price of $299.95!

To learn how else you can leverage your advertising dollars with African-American Unschooling's network and reach even more African-American families who value heritage, education and healthy living, Click Here!

With over 250,000 African-American homeschoolers today, it pays to leverage your advertising dollars with strategic ad placement in the African-American Unschooling network --

African-American Unschooling, the #1 Africentric Homeschooling web site, and

FUNgasa Magazine, the #1 African-American Homeschooling E-Zine.

Place your ads today and reach African-American families who value, heritage, education and healthy living for only $149.98 per month!

Still Not Convinced You Should Advertise?

Advertising is Quick & Easy!

1. Click the "Buy Now" button to make your secure payment of $299.95.
2. Check your email box for confirmation and receipt from PayPal.
3. Send HTML code for your text and banner ads in the body of an email.  Attachments will not be opened and may delay your ad.  Please write "Advertising" in the subject heading.

Questions before you buy?

Sample E-Mail News Blast Text Ad:

A healthy mind, starts with a healthy body. Learn quick and easy recipes to introduce vegetarian and vegan meals into your family’s lifestyle and learn how to make vegan-versions of popular Soul Food dishes! XYZ Soul Food Vegan

SPECIAL DRAWING PRIZE: Soul Food Vegan’s brand new cookbook plus gourmet set of kitchen utensils, a $40 value!