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"When Business is Good, It Pays to Advertise.
When Business is Bad, You've Got to Advertise."

Reach African-American families
who value heritage, education and healthy living
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--Text Banners --A great way to feature new products and attract new customers! Text Ads appear in Monthly E-Mail News Blasts, sent to African-American Unschoolers, a national network of homeschooling families. Your 30 word Ad describes your products and or services.

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To learn how else you can leverage your advertising dollars with African-American Unschooling's extensive network and reach even more African-American families who value heritage, education and healthy living, Click Here!

Advertising is accepted on a rolling basis. African-American Unschooling reserves the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason.

Ordering from our A La Carte Menu is Quick & Easy!

1) Select Banner Size, how long you want your Ad to run and Click "Buy Now."

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2) Enter Advertising rate and follow the prompts to make your secure payment via PayPal.  Check your email box for a confirmation and receipt.
3) Send HTML code for your Ad in the body of an email with "Advertising" in the subject heading.  Attachments will not be opened and may delay your Ad.