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Reach African-American families
who value heritage, education and healthy living

"When Business is Good, It Pays to Advertise.
When Business is Bad, You've Got to Advertise."

Have a product or business that you would like to market to African-American families? The FUNgasa Product Review Panel loves to test products, read books, listen to music, watch videos, and review curricula -- and why not? Members of the FUNgasa Review Panel are real moms, real dads, real kids and real teens!

FUNgasa readers love learning about new books and products, especially those of Black or Family-Owned Businesses. FUNgasa does not publish negative reviews. If we cannot in good conscience, write a positive review, we will not write one at all.

When your product is reviewed, you receive the FUNgasa Seal of Approval to be displayed on your web site, letting everyone know that your product has been approved by real parents! Simply display the Seal in a prominent location on your web site so that visitors may link back to the positive review you have received.

FUNgasa media reviews (books, CDs and DVDs)  include a link to Barnes & Noble where readers may purchase your item online. In addition, the reviews are posted for all Barnes & Noble shoppers to read.

Other products will be linked back to your web site. 

So how do you get Free Advertising?

It's simple.  Send 2 copies of your product to:

FUNgasa Magazine
7549 W. Cactus Road
Suite #104-340
Peoria, AZ 85381

Attn: Product Review Panel

To learn how else you can leverage your advertising dollars with African-American Unschooling's extensive network and reach even more African-American families who value heritage, education and healthy living, Click Here!