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Here's what our Readers have to say...

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the article, If They Don't Touch They Can't Learn FUNgasa Mar/Apr 2004. Although I wanted to add that:

Children love learning, exploring, and discovering. It is our responsibility as the adults in their lives to provide them with many experiences and materials. Yes, provide but also facilitate them in their learning, exploring and discovering of their experiences and material quest.

How do we facilitate? Well ask them the "W" questions. Furthermore, document their experiences and material quest.

Revisit these experiences and keep the children loving learning, exploring and discovering.


Shanickwa Malone

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How blessed are we that the sister S. Courtney Walton obeyed her calling! Thank you so very much. I've been an advocate homeschool mom of my daughter for 91/2 years. I have a new son now (2 months old) and plan to homeschool him as well.

It is has not been difficult to find other African American Homeschoolers due to a wonderful increase of like minds, but to network on field trips, and info about our experiences and history has. My daughter is researching about the Songhai people and the ancient African universities, like Timbuktu now, and it's been challenging!

Keep it up! Maybe our children can start a pen pal club thru this magazine. We live on a 45 acre farm in an all Black rural community of other farmers. It would be great to share experiences. We travel alot!


Johari Cole

Editor's note:

Check out the Marafiki Directory for pen pals and African-American Homeschoolers across the country who welcome visitors!

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