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In this section, Erika Davis-Pitre fields your unschooling questions, along with responses from you, our readers. To ask a question or respond with an answer,

E-mail Erika Davis-Pitre

Questions for the next issue:

1. If you are unschooling younger children, do you feel that you will have to stop when you children get older?

2. What kinds of activities do you think are important for your children to experience so that they will be "successful" adults?

Erika Davis-Pitre,
Always learning and growing wife to my wonderful husband.
Sixth year unschooling mother of one great and curious 11 year old,
a highschooled smart and athletic 19 year old senior,
a creative and insightful 21 year old junior in college
and a talented and thoughtful all grown up and always schooled 25 year old.