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Sept/October 2004 Vol 1/Issue 5

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African-American Unschooling
Volume 1, Issue 5
September/October 2004
Homeschool is back in session and African-American Homeschoolers are off to a great start! In this issue, Monica Utsey shares with our readers the highlights of the "Challenging the The Genius Within: Excellent Education for African Children Conference" held in Philadelphia. Also learn about plans for the 2005 African- American Homeschoolers Family & Friends Vacation and much more. Enjoy!
Pearls of Wisdom
  by Jacqueline M. Ward
Our lives. What millionaires would lead, if they could afford it...
Challenging the Genius Within
  by Monica Z. Utsey
Imagine attending a conference with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Ida B. Wells? You'd probably be awestruck. That's exactly how I felt attending the Challenging the Genius Within: Excellent Education for African Children Conference in Philadelphia.
2005 African-American Homeschoolers
  Family & Friends Vacation
Plans are well underway for 2005!
Family Profile
  Meet the Galloways of Mesa, Arizona!
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  October Special Promotion!
30 Day Free Trial! Brought to you by the African- American Unschooling DVD Library.
Three to Read
Each issue we bring you books of interest to African- American Homeschoolers. This month, learn what it takes to raise a scientist and about life on the African savanna with the Maasai.
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  Resource Guide for African-American Homeschoolers
Have you ever wished there was a book that spoke to your experiences and needs as an African- American Homeschooler? Wouldn't it be great to have a comprehensive resource to share with family and friends, which highlights the diversity of African- American Homeschoolers and the resources they use for homeschooling success?
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Having difficulty locating other African-American Homeschoolers? Network with other Unschooling parents, find pen pals and professional services in The Marafiki Directory!
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