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"A strange hush clings to the edge of this mile-deep canyon. It's the hush of reverential awe. For the first-time visitor to the canyon, there's no better approach than from the south, across the barren windswept scrubland of the Colorado Plateau. You hardly notice the elevation gain and the change to pine and juniper forest. Suddenly --it's there. No preliminaries, no warning. Stark, quiet, a maze of colors and cathedrals sculpted by nature."

Frommer's Arizona, by Karl Samson with Jane Aukshunas

Founded by African-American Unschooling, a national network of Black homeschooling families, The African-American Homeschoolers Family and Friends Vacation is an annual celebration of cultural heritage and family learning.

In 2008, African-American Unschooling will host The 5th Annual African-American Homeschoolers Family & Friends Vacation at the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona.

When: Thursday, May 29 - Monday, June 2, 2008 - 5 days and 4 nights.

Where: The Grand Canyon National Park.

Accomodations: African-American Unschooling will reserve a large campsite at Camp Mather. Camp Mather campground is conveniently located on the South Rim, within walking distance of Grand Canyon Village, where families will have access to grocery store, pharmacy, post office and many other services. A free shuttle bus is available for travel around the south rim.

In addition to food, families should bring their own camping supplies such as tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses.

Activities: hiking, museums, IMAX Theatre, bus tours, mule rides and more!

Cost: $75.00 per family, payable through PayPal.

Each family will be responsible for their own food and there is a $25.00 per vehicle admission fee to the national park.

Reduced rate on park admission is available with a national parks annual pass.

Reserve your family's space at the campground by making your $75.00 non-refundable payment via PayPal. Space is limited, so please let us know the exact number and ages of the members in your family.

By registering to attend the AAHFV, I understand that I am solely responsible for myself and my children during the entire event.

IMPORTANT: No refunds will be made on registration fees for any reason. If you must cancel, you may sell your family's registration to another person or family.

Number of Adults
Gender & Ages of Children

Our campsite includes 4 long benches and tables, 1 fire pit, two sided grill and can accomodate 50 people.

Questions? Email Us!

If you would like to support our event and help other families attend the AAHFFV, you may make a contribution below.

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