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Real Living...Real Learning

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Real Living...Real Learning
with S. Courtney Walton

Courtney & the "A" Team!

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S. Courtney Walton writes about her family's unschooling adventures in her column Real Living...Real Learning which has appeared in The Good News Herald and the St. Louis Christian Parent.  Here are a few selections from past issues...
2003-2008 S. Courtney Walton, All Rights Reserved.
The Good News Herald, Nov/Dec 2003
A gentle introduction, plus a reading list, for those considering unschooling.

The Good News Herald, July/August 2004
Unschooling is simply letting your child pursue her interests as they meet her needs, with all the parental commitment and support of time, attention and resources that is typically reserved for 'school.' The ability to trust the student and his or her unique combination of intelligences is key to the success of unschooling.

The Good News Herald, May/June 2004
Can an unschooler successfully compete with traditionally schooled applicants and gain admission to college? Can an unschooler fulfill the rigorous requirements to complete a college degree? What kind of future awaits a young adult who directs her own education?

The Good News Herald, Feb/Mar/Apr 2004
Black History Month from an Unschooling perspective...