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The Resource Guide for
African-American Homeschoolers

Have you ever wished there was a book that spoke to your experiences and needs as an African-American Homeschooler? Wouldn't it be great to have a comprehensive resource to share with family and friends, which highlights the diversity of African-American Homeschoolers and the resources they use for homeschooling success?

S. Courtney Walton, FUNgasa's Editor, is writing a book which will do just that, but she can't do it without you! Courtney would like African-American parents and grandparents - those who homeschooled in the past, those who are homeschooling now, and those who might homeschool in the future - to complete an online survey. Your experiences and opinions will make this book a must-have for every African-American homeschooling library!

Complete our Online Survey Today!