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FUNgasa: Free Oneself!

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Spring 2006

FUNgasa: Free Oneself!
The Magazine for African-American Home Educators

Welcome to FUNgasa! The magazine "For Us, By Us," which celebrates the diversity of African-American Homeschoolers.

Our title comes from the Kiswahili word fungasa, a verb meaning to free oneself. This is most fitting as increasing numbers of African Americans are enjoying the freedom of homeschooling. "Fun" is emphasized because leading a learning lifestyle is just that - Fun!
Hosted by African-American Unschooling, the #1 web site for Africentric Homeschooling Resources, FUNgasa features homeschooling and general education news; cultural, academic, parenting and healthy living articles; as well as book and product reviews. 

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Each issue of FUNgasa highlights books and products of interest to African-American Homeschoolers. FUNgasa does not publish negative book or product reviews. If we cannot in good conscience, write a positive review, we will not write one at all. FUNgasa book reviews include a link to Barnes & Noble where readers may purchase your book online. In addition, the reviews are posted for all Barnes & Noble shoppers to read.

If you would like to send 2 copies of your product for review, please email the editor