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Since 1983, Home Education Magazine has developed into one of the premier magazines in the homeschooling field, described as "informative and commonsense" by Library Journal's Magazines for Libraries and "highly recommended" by EBSCO's Librarian's Handbook.

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Recognizing that conscious parenting is the most important and challenging responsibility that many of us will have, Chinaberry offers items to support families in raising their children with love, honesty and joy to be reverent, loving caretakers of each other and of the Earth.
To produce life-long learners, we need to show our children that learning is not just something that they get graded on or that only happens during certain hours of the day or certain times of the year. We need to help them hang on to the natural joy of learning that every child is born with, to help them see that learning new things is fun, and to help them realize that learning can take place anywhere and at anytime. Our family has put together this catalog of books, games and other materials to help you in your efforts to produce life-long learners. Good luck and remember to have FUN!

Website for Children, Parents & Educators of African Descent

The international magazine of self-directed learning.

Collected articles from HEM 1984-1994. Over thirty respected writers offer their views on socialization, selecting curriculum materials, networking, testing and accountability, legal considerations, political involvement, teaching different subjects, higher education, finding resources and much more.

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