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Gullah Island Photo Album

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Gullah Islands 2005
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Founded in 2004 by African-American Unschooling, a national network of Black homeschooling families, the African-American Homeschoolers Family and Friends Vacation is an annual celebration of cultural heritage and family learning.

In 2005, we were off to the Gullah Islands of South Carolina, Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29th, where more than 100 people attended this sold-out event on Hunting Island.
“The Trip to Hunting Island has been perfect, don’t know if I want to leave. Ocean waves playing in the background, the rustling whispers of palm leaves…oh how beautiful! I am so thankful for such a wonderful opportunity. I have had so much fun this far and I look forward to many more vacations!"
--Ericka Taylor of Augusta, Georgia

 “The Gullah Island event has been wonderful and above and beyond my expectations. The love and sharing among ‘strangers’ is enough to affirm our strong cultural bond. I am more confident in this bond to help plan more events, even ‘site unseen’ because our family will compensate and appreciate the togetherness beyond any inconveniences. I also learned so much from the ‘elders’ and younger crew who were so tremendously knowledgeable. The site itself is so wonderfully tropical without the extra heat.”

--Veneka Smith of Burlingame, California

“This was a very enriching and much-too-shortened experience for the three of us. We have been homeschooling our 17-year-old son since he was born and have not regretted one minute of it. It was so good to see so many others who are new to this and willing to learn.”

--William Goosby of Chicago, Illinois