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Single Parents can now request the "Single Parent" version of Homeschool Fast Track!  Just write, "please send Single Parent Homeschool Fast Track" along with the description of your child/ren's current educational status.

Yes! I want to learn more about African-American homeschooling and how to create a stimulating family-based learning environment for my child. Please send me my personalized "Homeschool Fast Track" packet for $39.95. Here's my information:

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Today's Date (month/day/year)
First Name:
Last Name:
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Gender and birthday (month/year) of children:
Brief description of your children's current educational status. Tell us if your child is currently enrolled in a public/private school, grade level, his/her favorite subjects, any areas of special concerns or challenges.

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Your Homeschool Fast Track will be created to meet your family's unique interests and needs.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your personalized Homeschool Fast Track to be processed.