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Need a specific answer to a challenge facing your family's homeschool? Want a second opinion before your annual portfolio review?  Need help presenting homeschooling as an option to your spouse? 
Created for homeschooling moms and dads, our homeschooling teleconsulting sessions are individually designed to address your family's unique interests and needs.  
S. Courtney Walton, founder of African-American Unschooling will call you for a private, one-on-one, telephone homeschool consulting session on the topic of your choice. Teleconsultation may include:
  • How to withdraw your child from school and begin homeschooling;
  • How to encourage your spouse's participation in homeschooling;
  • How to prepare for an annual portfolio review;
  • How to introduce or overcome resistance to specific academic subjects;
  • Or any topic you choose!

Select the length of the teleconsulation you would like to purchase. When your transaction is completed you will be directed to a page where you can schedule your homeschool teleconsulting session. 


30 Minute Teleconsultation

I'd like help with:
Ages & Gender of Child(ren)

60 Minute Teleconsultation

I'd like help with:
Ages & Gender of Child(ren)