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Each issue we bring you three books of interest to African-American Homeschoolers. 
These selections will help you celebrate the Holidays!
If you like these titles,

A child's vision of religious tolerance is exquisitely played out in this story about an elderly Christian barber and a Jewish child who befriends him

Harris, the well-known author of The Welcome Table, includes menus for each night of the holiday, along with texts to be read, biographies of honored ancestors, ideas for homemade gifts, and a special project for each night.

Geraty tells her own version of the "Night Before Christmas" in the Gullah language. "Sandy Claw Buh Rabbit" visits a Gullah family with his gunnysack full of presents. However, he can't stay long because Buh Fox is hot on his heels. "'E gwi' t'row'um een de briah-patch, en t'ief de present too, Ef him kin obuhreach'um 'fo' 'e gitt'ru!"