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Look for the following titles in the African-American Unschooling DVD Library:


Trigonometry Module 4: Graphing Functions
The Standard Deviants get graphic. It's off to the world of x and y axes, origins and amplitude. Learn some helpful rules to make your trig gig much easier. The Standard Deviants even hook you up with some key trig formulas.


Multi-Cultural Studies: The Greatness of Africa
Explore the fascinating civilizations that contributed to Africa’s historical greatness. This program is a thorough overview of ancient African civilization from the world’s oldest monarchy in Qustul to the incredible civilization of Egypt. Many classes only marginally cover African history. Help correct this oversight with this important video.


Power-Glide: Junior Latin Vol. 1
The most easy to use, comprehensive course available
The Power-Glide Latin Junior Course was designed for children Pre K - 6th grade. Course activities are designed specifically with these learners in mind and include matching games, story telling, speaking, drawing, creative thinking, acting, and guessing--all things which children do for fun.