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Family Profile

Meet the Wagners of Denver, Colorado!

Parents Eric and Taffy Wagner homeschool three year old twins, Erica and Cody.

Taffy shares financial planning tips for homeschoolers with FUNgasa editor, S. Courtney Walton

What brought you to homeschooling? The Wagners had friends who homeschooled, but Eric still had to work to convince Taffy to consider homeschooling for their future children. Having been raised by a single parent, Taffy never considered staying home, as her mother had always worked outside the home. After much prayer and nine years of marriage, Eric and Taffy were agreed in the decision to homeschool and had accumulated lots of materials and had a direction for their homeschool when they were blessed with twins Erica and Cody.

Describe your homeschool Like many homeschoolers, the Wagners began homeschooling while the Twins were in the womb, as Eric and Taffy read to the babies and played music for them. “Once they were born, someone was always reading to them” says Taffy. As the children grew, they purchased a boxed curriculum but it didn’t meet their needs. Taffy went online in search of resources and met other homeschoolers who made recommendations and helped the Wagners create their own program.

The Hands on Homeschooling website  was helpful and combined with Letter of the Week the Wagners were off to a good start. Leap Frog videos were fun for the whole family and gave the children an introduction to phonics. Erica and Cody had difficulty with numbers, but with prayer and patience, Taffy used household items to make the abstract concepts more concrete. “People really need to understand how their children learn, but you have to watch them over a period of time to learn what works best with them.” Taffy has learned that her daughter is a strong auditory learner while her son is more visual.

How do you incorporate your career with your homeschool? Since the twins are no longer taking naps, Taffy finds that dividing up the day works best in homeschooling Erica and Cody. “The twins really do better learning together and I’m glad that homeschooling allows them to stay home together.” Taffy and the children homeschool one hour in the morning and another hour in the afternoon. In between, Taffy works in her home office and the 3 year old twins enjoy time to play. Taffy also works the “Mommy Shift“ -- rising early before her family and staying up until 2am to make time for her writing.

Do you have financial planning tips for homeschoolers? Homeschoolers can learn a lot about debt management and financial planning in Taffy’s new book, “Debt Dilemma,” but she also had these words of wisdom to share:

“Most people don’t plan to homeschool, but if you can eliminate small debts early you will have more money for homeschool resources.” Taffy put this to practice herself and by eliminating weekly visits to the beauty salon, they were able to “find” extra money for homeschool resources.

“Watch how your money is being spent, you don’t get into debt overnight and you don’t get out overnight!” Taffy encourages everyone to keep tabs of their credit report and address any errors immediately, “Don’t be afraid to dispute errors.”

“Make a list of your monthly bills, acknowledge you have made mistakes, pray and believe God to take care of your finances.” The Wagners conduct workshops together and find that these words of encouragement are extremely helpful. “God will open up doors for homeschoolers and bless you to provide for your family. God provides through spouses or other people, but still you must believe that God will meet your needs through people.”

“If you are in debt, you can get out without filing bankruptcy.” Both Taffy and Eric Wagner have made themselves available to homeschoolers who would like help with financial planning. As a couple, they feel lead by the Lord to help other families at no charge. “Often, people buy the book and realize they need more assistance which has created the demand for the seminars.” The seminars are free and are conducted around the country. To contact the Wagners or to find a seminar near you, visit their website "Journey to Wholeness."