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The Marafiki Directory is maintained by Erika Davis-Pitre.
If you would like to be included in The Marafiki Directory, please send your name, contact information, names and ages of your children and any interests and activities to Erica Davis PitrePlease write Marafiki Directory in the subject heading.  Be sure to mention if you are willing to host travelers for daytrips and/or overnight stays.
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"Marafiki" is Kiswahili for "Friends" and this directory is for homeschool parents and students to meet and connect. 
Please remember that we cannot control how The Marafiki Directory is used; if you receive any unwanted mail as a result of being listed, just delete, throw it out or even better, recycle it!

Jacara and Todd Chas
Homeschooling Javari, male, 10; Zalia, f,9; Khadel, m, 8; and Taquim,, m,8 
Contact Information:
P.O. Box #1602
Folly Beach, SC 29439
daytrips or housing ok...

Kiela Smith-Upton
Lifelong Chicago residents
Children - Menabneterit- 9(goes by Alettie mostly), Anana-4 & Ajani-2
Phone: 773-719-5160
Visit with us during your travels-no overnights
Also looking for African or Carribean pen pal for my 9 yr old.-

Imani Barberousse-Folayan
2301 east 70th place unit 118
Chicago, Illinois 60649

Franz and Nikki Jobson
8 yo son, 4 yo daughter and 18 month old son
We live in South Florida and would love to hear from other families.

Anna Booker (dh, Booker) (dd, Evette,9)
12824 Broadstreet
Detroit, Michigan  48238
(313)933-8460 Home  (313)903-0597 Cell

Charmaine Thomas
Married to Hugh Thomas
Mother to Haile Vania (5) & Nia Mone (1)
Tucson, AZ
(520) 744-2004
I would be willing to play host for a day trip-(D) to others from this list if they happen to be visiting my are

Eliza Cooper
Children: Females all ages 16,12, Twins 9 (soon to be 10)
3238 Yosemite Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-542-0159

Veronica Williams
Baltimore, Maryland Area
Children are ages 5 ,4, and 2
Cell phone # : 301 465 0191
Is willing to host day trips and would love to speak with other AFAM unschoolers moms in her area

Metro Detroit Area
Children: Ebon 13 and Neema 8
Is forming a group for homeschooling parents in the metro Detroit area.

Oakland, CA
Children: Nia 8 and James11
Group: NCAAHA- Northern California African American Homeschooler Association
The group(NCAAHA) is headed to San Diego to Legoland on Monday, March 27th.  They would like to officially invite any AfAmUnschoolers to join them.  Most of them will be in the area for the weekend before that Monday so would love to hookup with others for other San Diego attractions as well.  Stacie is willing to provide her email as the contact  and hopes that anyone in the area who might be interested, let her know and she'll keep them updated on specifics of the trip.

Venus & Hycel Taylor
Homeschooling Jasmine (1994) and Buddy (1997).
Contact Information:
We live in Boston, MA  
Phone: 617-698-6088.
We'd love to meet fellow unschoolers/homeschoolers and will
gladly host day trips (overnight trips could possibly be arranged depending
on our schedule). 

Abasi, Latoya, Shachaamah 6yrs, & Asad 1yr
1026 9th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Shayla Boyd-Gill
Kalen (M) - 7 Leilani (F) - 4 Yaminah (F) - 1
1318 Palm Lane
Bowie, MD 20716

Felicia Porter
five children ages 11, 10, 7, 2 and 4 months.
Metro Atlanta area
We would love to hear from other families.

Avis Woodfin
Hampton VA
2 boys 9&7
Yes, I'm interested in knowing some unschooler members in my area.

Name: Jennifer Williams
Address: 3418 Mt Pleasant St Houston, TX 77021 
Child's Age: 5
Day Host(ess)

Nehemiyah and Yeefah Thurman
Christopher(Gideon) Hoeller 15 (Public school)
Jana-Marie Hoeller 12 (Homeschool)
Yahshua Thurman 12 (Catholic school)
Eliyah Thurman 10 (Catholic school)
Amatziyah Thurman 7 (Homeschool)
Bentziyon Thurman 4 (Homeschool)
17924 Park Ave.
Homewood, IL (40 min from downtown Chicago) 60430
I would be interested in hosting a field trip.

Patrice Cheatham
Frederick Maryland area (near the borders of both Howard and Montgomery Counties). 
Children: 2 boys age 14 and 15.
Cell (240) 676-0787
Is willing to plan and/or host day trips and would love to get her kids together with other AA high schoolers for day trips. Also is willing drive to meet others within the metro area.