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African-American Unschoolers will host the 2004 African-American Homeschoolers Family & Friends Vacation at the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona. All are welcome to join us on this wonderful Unschooling adventure!

When: June 3 - 5, 2004. Three nights of camping, Thursday through Saturday.

Activities: hiking, museums, IMAX Theatre, bus tours, mule rides and more!

Lodging: African-American Unschoolers will reserve a group camp site at Camp Mather campground on the South Rim.

Transportation: Free shuttle bus around the south rim. Parking and camp is 1 mile from Grand Canyon Village.

Fees: Minimal fees for entrance to national park and use of campsite, details soon to come!

In addition to food, families should bring their own camping supplies such as tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses. Small RVs will also be permited.

Look for updates on planning and more information on camping at the Grand Canyon at

To confirm your family's attendance, or ask questions, e-mail the 2004 African-American Homeschoolers Family & Friends Vacation Coodinators:

Jan/Feb 2004 Vol 1/Issue 1