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One of the longest living trees on Earth, the Baobab of the African savannas, is a sacred symbol revered for its long life and many uses which have sustained African peoples since the beginning of time.

The Tree of Life, as it is often referred to, grows 75 feet tall with an enormous trunk 60 feet in circumference. Some of these noble giants are 2000 years old, and for generations have served as meeting places for villages to discuss community matters, relate the news of the day and to tell stories.

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S. Courtney Walton lives and learns in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and five children. An advocate of Unschooling, Courtney is the founder of African-American Unschoolers, serves as the Unschooling Advisor for the National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance and writes frequently about her family's unschooling adventures in her column Real Living...Real Learning with S. Courtney Walton for The Good News Herald in St. Louis, Missouri.