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Having difficulty locating other African-American Homeschoolers? Network with other Unschooling parents, find pen pals and professional services in The Marafiki Directory!

Elizabeth Aguillon in Florida
Two daughters 8 and 6.
Would love to correspond with others or have day visitors.

Burlingame/San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Veneka and Mike Smith
Children: 9yr girl, 4yr boy, 18mth girl.
Activities: hiking, skiing, snowplay, waterplay, biking, sightseeing, caving. All outdoor informal family activities. Some adventure hiking with parents -- climbing Half Dome in Yosemite NP. Local visits and pen pals. Email:
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Michael Pitre & Erika Davis-Pitre
8 Beverly Road
West Hartford CT 06119
Unschoolers since 1998
We welcome day/overnight visitors with written confirmed notice.

Greetings! Our family is interested in seeing the world as we learn and meet other unschooling families. My son Zion is 3 yrs, but the world has been our classroom since birth. We live in Washington, D.C. We're surrounded by so much information and resources that we would love to share with other unschooling families. We are interested in local visits, overnight stays with families, field trips, and seeing the country with other unschooling families. Zion's interests are basketball, drumming, Africa, reading, dramatical performances, visiting museums, and playing of course. My Aquarian, Indigo child is extremely outgoing. I'm particularly interested in connecting with others who are homeschooling boys and/or only children. My interests are reading, writing, African studies, holistic health, cultural festivals, and learning about interesting people and cultures. You can contact our family via e-mail:

Need information on how to start homeschooling in your state? Looking for an African-American Homeschool Support Group? Stay well-informed, well-prepared and well-connected -- Join the National African-American Homeschoolers Alliance today!


Yahoo List for Unschooling Parents

Yahoo List for Unschool Teens

Yvonne Anderson
857 Wagon Trail Rd
Ridgeway VA 24148
children's age: 9, 7, 4, 2, & 5 months. I will play day host to local sites. email:

Dyson Family:
Regina (Mom)
Mich'al (Daughter), 9 yo, Caleb (Son), 3 yo
705C N. Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510
919-933-7094 home
919-619-6603 mobile
Host-family for our area. We also get to DC pretty frequently so we're very interested in connecting w/AA HS folks in VA as well.

Anna and William Booker
Detroit, Michigan
daughter, Evette - age 7
home (313) 933-8460
need more information, please feel free to call me. Anna's daytime number is (313) 554-8204 and that is the best time to call.

Maisha Khalfani
Washington, DC
Mother to three young children, Founder, Capital Area Homeschooling Community, National Homeschool Network Director, Mocha Moms, Inc., NAAHA, Washington, DC Liaison

Nina Jones Dallas , TX

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Email us at for descriptions of handmade knits for dolls as well as unique one of kind accessories: hats, scarves, cell phone holders, purses and bags.
--JacQuie and DaryleMarie

Please remember that we cannot control how The Marafiki Directory is used; if you receive any unwanted mail as a result of being listed, just delete, throw it out or even better, recycle it.

The Marafiki Directory is maintained by Erika Davis-Pitre. If you wish to be included in The Marafiki Directory, please send your family name, home address and/or e-mail address, name(s) and year(s) of birth of your children and if you are willing to host travelers for daytrips and/or overnight stays (indicate daytrips only with a D, overnight guests with a H). For businesses or organizations, please send the appropriate text and html codes. Please write Marafiki Directory in the subject heading.

E-Mail Erika Davis-Pitre