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May/June 2004 Vol 1/Issue 3
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May/June 2004 FUNgasa
African-American Unschooling
Volume 1, Issue 3
May/June 2004
With every issue of FUNgasa: Free Oneself! we strive to highlight the diversity of African-American Homeschoolers. But we need you to do it! Tell us what features you enjoy and what you would like to see!
What About College?
  by S. Courtney Walton
We know that homeschooling is a recipe for academic success, but what about unschooling? Can an unschooler successfully compete with traditionally schooled applicants and gain admission to college? Can an unschooler fulfill the rigorous requirements to complete a college degree? What kind of future awaits a young adult who directs his own education?
Pearls of Wisdom
  from JacQuie Ward
My children, my antennae. Like the curling tendrils of my locks, tentacles extending out into the world, transmitting on dual wavelengths vibrations, energy, information. Perhaps this sharing of vibrations could explain why sometimes when I am silently pondering a question, out of the blue one of them will shout out the answer. Why my guts tighten when they are in trouble even though they might be miles away. Or more importantly, maybe its the reason why whenever one of them "acts out", I can always trace their behavior back to some misbehavin' on my own part.
A Braiding Meditation
  by Monica Utsey
Inspired by a conversation I had with Paula Penn-Nabrit, author of Morning by Morning: How We Homeschooled Our African-American Sons into the Ivy League, I began to think of ways to teach my son about the beauty of Black women. I came up with the idea of making "Queen" collages.
Q & A
  with Erika Davis-Pitre
Have a question about homeschooling or a great tip to share? Ask and receive input from FUNgasa readers!
Family Profile
  Meet the VanBaast Family of Cedar Park, Texas
Parents Greg and Melissa VanBaast have been homeschooling children Karina 17yrs, Jeremy 15yrs, Toby 12yrs, Olivia 9 yrs and Jacob 3yrs for three years.
  A Celebration of Freedom!
In the early 1900s, Juneteenth celebrations declined as public schools replaced the home and church as the traditional educational basis. Most textbooks erroneously claimed that slavery ended all at once on January 1, 1863. Fortunately, the Civil Rights movement of the 50's and 60's brought a resurgence of support for celebrating Juneteenth, and since that time, annual events surrounding Juneteenth have grown nationwide.
Calling All African-American Homeschoolers!
  New Book for African-American Homeschoolers
Have you ever wished there was a book that spoke to your experiences and needs as an African-American Homeschooler? Wouldn't it be great to have a comprehensive resource to share with family and friends, which highlights the diversity of African-American Homeschoolers and the resources they use for homeschooling success?

S. Courtney Walton, FUNgasa's Editor, is writing a book which will do just that, but she can't do it without you! Courtney would like African-American parents and grandparents - those who homeschooled in the past, those who are homeschooling now, and those who might homeschool in the future - to complete an online survey. Your experiences and opinions will make this book a must-have for every African-American homeschooling library!

More information will be sent to FUNgasa subscribers, so watch your e-mail boxes for the survey, coming soon!

Three To Read
  For Your Summer Reading Pleasure!
Learn more about Juneteenth, Malcolm X and Brown v. Board of Education.
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  Free DVD rentals from African-American Unschooling
This month, we're giving away the choice between a free TVGuardian or free DVD Player with any annual membership and we're making it affordable with Easy Pay.
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Having difficulty locating other African-American Homeschoolers? Network with other Unschooling parents, find pen pals and professional services in The Marafiki Directory!
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