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August Promotion

August Promotion – Back to Homeschool Sale! Brought to you by the African-American Unschooling DVD Library.

August is here and it's almost time to stock-up for Homeschooling. Putting together your home school curriculum is easier then ever with a free educational gift and access to the largest selection of educational DVDs available on the Internet. It's as simple as signing up for an annual subscription.

Through the month of August we're giving away 4 Cerebellum titles just by signing up with any annual subscription. This gift, with a retail value of up to $200.00, along with the complete library of quality Cerebellum titles, is only offered to the general public through our African-American Unschooling DVD subscription service. With Easy Pay plans, and access to every Cerebellum title available, we're making preparing for Homeschooling easier then ever.

Sign-up with an annual subscription in August, and receive 4 FREE Cerebellum titles of your choice! Make this home school year a year of quality education with Cerebellum!

African-American Unschooling has over 30,000 Family Friendly DVDs from G-rated and PG-rated new releases to Hollywood classics, including all of your favorite documentaries and television series. We also have the largest educational DVD library in the world. Supplement your child's education by renting the same exact titles used by top educators.

There are never any late fees, no due dates and no additional costs. Simply make your DVD rental selections on-line and in 2 to 4 days your rentals will arrive by 1st class mail. Keep the DVDs as long as you like. To return them, place the DVDs in the self-addressed, prepaid envelope and drop them in the mail. African-American Unschooling pays for everything!

Look for the following titles in the African-American Unschooling DVD Library:


This inspiring documentary pays tribute to World War II's forgotten heroes, The Tuskegee Airmen. When the U.S. military assembled the experimental unit of African-American pilots, the resounding success of the brave soldiers led to the eventual integration of the American armed forces.


The Standard Deviants tackle the critical reading section of the SAT. Did you realize that just one passage in this section can have 600 words or more? Don't panic. Acing this section is a matter of knowing what to look for. We'll show you how to recognize the important parts and skim the rest.


The connection between a "quadratic function" and a "quadratic equation." Three possible cases for the solution(s) of a quadratic equation. Problem Solving with Quadratic Equations