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Nov/Dec 2004 Vol 1/Issue 6

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Volume 1, Issue 6
November/December 2004
Reservations are now being accepted for the 2005 African-American Homeschoolers Family & Friends Vacation. Make your reservation today and join African-American homeschoolers from around the country for four days and three nights of family fun at the Gullah Islands in South Carolina!

What an exciting year 2004 has been -- the premier issue of FUNgasa was mailed to 75 homeschoolers and five issues later, we have over 400 subscribers! The online African-American homeschooling community is flourishing and has welcomed us with open arms.

Thanks to all who contributed articles and ideas to FUNgasa, and to you, our valued subscriber, for your encouragement and support. We look forward to bringing you more great things from African-American homeschooling families in 2005!

Learning All the Time,
S. Courtney Walton

Pearls of Wisdom
  by Jacqueline M. Ward
Albert Einstein, was once heard to remark ( I am paraphrasing here) "there is only one critical decision that you have to make...whether you believe the world is a hostile place or a hospitable place."
The Importance of Play for Homeschooled Children
  by Monica Z. Utsey
Studies show that parents do believe play is important, but they end up sacrificing play in pursuit of academic excellence because we live in such a competitive and cut throat world. But play really is serious business.
Being the Change You Want to See
  Erika Davis-Pitre
So here is my charge to all of you. Find your passion and share that gift with as many people here as you can. The rewards of kinship, inspiration and support will far out weigh your efforts.
2005 African-American Homeschoolers
  Family & Friends Vacation
Make plans now to join us in Beaufort, South Carolina as we explore the Gullah Islands and celebrate the annual Gullah Festival with African-American Homeschoolers from across the country!
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Wouldn't it be great to have a comprehensive resource to share with family and friends, which highlights the diversity of African-American Homeschoolers and the resources they use for homeschooling success?
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Each issue we bring you books of interest to African- American Homeschoolers. This month's selections help you celebrate the holidays!
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HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE HERE! What gift costs so little, is available all year long and is quick, easy and secure to order online? It's African-American Unschooling's online DVD rentals -- Your affordable, convenient and rewarding choice this holiday season!
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Having difficulty locating other African-American Homeschoolers? Network with other Unschooling parents, find pen pals and professional services in The Marafiki Directory!
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Last minute gift ideas from African-American Unschooling.
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