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Learn a new language

All-Audio Spanish

In-Flight Arabic: Learn
                                             Before You Land

Pimsleur Quick and Simple
                                             Egyptian Arabic for English Speakers

VocabuLearn: Swahili,
                                             Level 1

Learn Spanish Fast with Power-Glide!

Espaņol, Computadoras,  Musica, Libros,

Learn Polish Now!

The best language learning software

Click to Learn Swedish Now!

BECOMING: An Afrocentric Language Arts Curriculum from Sankofa Publishing

Free Translation Service

Awo Study Center -- Yoruba Language & Culture

Egyptian Language and Culture Course Syllabus Department of Africology Temple University

A Visit to Grandma: Berlitz Kids Spanish, Adventures with Nicholas

Wordsmart Vocabulary Software

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Learning words is fun with Word Adventure!

Get a huge SAT Verbal score increase with WordSmart Vocabulary...GUARANTEED!

Learn Japanese

Easy Translator

Learn in Your Car: Spanish, Level 1

Learn in Your Car: Spanish, Level 2

Learn in Your Car: Spanish, Level 3