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"When Business is Good, It Pays to Advertise.
When Business is Bad, You've Got to Advertise."

Reach African-American families
who value heritage, education and healthy living

Created to be a resource for the 250,000+ Black Homeschoolers in AmericaAfrican-American Unschooling:
  • Is the #1 website for Africentric Homeschooling Resources, offering an extensive guide to links, resources and information; and  


  • Hosts the #1 E-Zine for African-American Homeschoolers, FUNgasa: Free Oneself! The Magazine for African-American Home Educators, featuring homeschooling and general education news; cultural, academic, parenting and healthy living articles; as well as book and product reviews. 
African-Americans represent the fastest growing segment of the homeschooling community.  Our diversity includes single parent heads of households, two income families, stay-at-home mothers/fathers, parents who work part-time and grandparents raising grandchildren. 
The average family has 2+ children and a significant number are pregnant or plan to get pregnant in the coming year.  Many African-American parents homeschool through high school and are actively preparing their children for admission to college. 
Our visitors place equal importance on academic excellence and cultural heritage.
Place an Ad with African-American Unschooling and market your product and services to African-American families who value heritage, education and healthy living. 

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