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Erika Davis-Pitre lives in central Connecticut where she is the Legislative Vice President for Connecticut's Homeschool Network.
She enjoys travel, is an avid reader, a great cook and a local community activist. Erika loves to spread the news about unschooling to everyone she meets--especially to people of color.

Erika writes FUNgasa's Q & A column and maintains the Marafiki Networking Directory. She is the proud mother of 4 children:
One sixth year unschooled, great and curious 11 year old;
one high school graduate and former unschooler, today a smart and athletic 19 year old college freshman;
one creative, insightful and always schooled 21 year old college senior;
and one talented, thoughtful, all grown up and always schooled 25 year old.

Always learning and growing wife to her wonderful husband, Erika's personal mottos are --"You can't be ahead or behind yourself" and "I am learning all the time, the tombstone will be my diploma."



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 In this section, Erika Davis-Pitre fields your unschooling questions, along with responses from you, our readers.
To ask a question or respond with an answer
Please write "FUNgasa Q & A" in the Subject Heading.

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Questions for the Next Issue:

1.  How do you make time for your interests and personal pursuits while homeschooling your child(ren)?
2.  What steps are you taking to prepare your child(ren) to live on his/her own?

FUNgasa Vol 2 Issue 2